Graphic Design

Why Do Over 500 Australian Businesses Rely On Paperclip Designs For Their Graphic Design Needs?

There are some distinct reasons why our clients choose Paperclip Designs when it comes to quality design. Here’s why you should consider getting a quote for your next design job:

Invested in Your Success

You want your design to be ‘visually appealing’ – but we delve deeper to create visually appealing designs that generate leads and sales. If you send us something and we have ideas on how to improve it, we will make the suggestions.

Love Your Design Guaranteed

You need to be confident with what you present to your clients. We ensure you are beaming with confidence about your design. We guarantee our designs and if you don’t love it then we don’t expect you to pay for it.

We Work With You

Some people don’t know what they want, others know exactly what they want and they want someone who will listen and actually do as directed. – We are flexible and we can work with all types of clients.

Fast Turnaround

Getting your design done quickly is important to ensure deadlines are met. We turn-around design within 4 business days, usually sooner. And can ‘express the turnaround’ if necessary.

Printing Design Services

Whether it is a new set of business cards, a simple flyer or a detailed 64 page catalogue, we can create stylish, professional designs that showcase your business in the best possible light.

Many design companies simply design things, but they are not set up correctly for print which can cause sizing issues, colour problems and make jobs take longer than they should. Being in control of the printing means that we know exactly how to design your artwork in the best format to ensure there are no errors when we go to print.

We also know what works from a design and marketing standpoint and will be completely candid about anything we think that could be improved with your designs.

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Logo Design Services

A business logo is a necessity if you want to be taken seriously in the business world. It is what helps distinguish your brand from your competitors. Effective logos should stand out, be recognisable & convey the core attributes of your business.

A logo is usually the first place to start when starting a business, and if you are established and you aren’t happy with your logo, it’s worthwhile getting your logo and branding right sooner than later.

Here at Paperclip Designs we know the importance of having a logo that is unique, looks good, represents your business and is easily recognisable. But we also know that one of the other most important factors about your logo is that YOU, the business owner, love it! So if at any stage you aren’t 100% happy with the logo, you get a full refund no questions asked – even if we’ve finished already. You deserve a logo that you love.

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Online Design Services

You may find yourself in need of some design for something on your website, or maybe for a facebook post, or looking to spruce up your social media image. Here at Paperclip Designs we can help you with all of it.

With a solid understanding of how digital marketing works, we can produce impressive looking designs for any online marketing needs.

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  • I love the design and it was a very fast delivery. Hit the nail on the head as I requested. Thanks heaps.

    Kim Walsh
    Kim WalshSweet Pea Designs
  • This was our first serious direct mail shot, so we called Ben to help us make the letters itself look professional. He did a great job of this, and when we crunched the numbers, it was also cheaper and more time efficient to have him arrange printing and mailing for us than to do it in-house. Thanks for holding our hand through the process and doing a good job.

    Eran Malloch
    Eran MallochUnited Financial Services
  • Ben can translate my vague instructions into the vision we need in fantastic work and design with outstanding work produced every time. Even if I’ve got a project that’s last minute, Ben waves his printing wand and gets it done and delivered for me without fail while maintaining his great designs and quality for each project and at great prices!

    Myra Brown
    Myra BrownMachforce Ptl Ltd